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    WANTED: Judo Sensei! Have mats and location and a propasition.


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    WANTED: Judo Sensei! Have mats and location and a propasition. Empty WANTED: Judo Sensei! Have mats and location and a propasition.

    Post by Tai-Jutsu Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:38 pm

    More details on inquirey but our Ju Jutsu/Combatives Dojo has recently moved to the 2nd floor above a Fitness/Dance studio in Woodbridge, Va. 1/3rd of a mile from I-95. (20-30 minutes south of DC)

    I am in a position with the owner to possably turn the floor into a martial arts centre.

    Although I have been teaching my son and another boy Ju Jutsu and Self Defence for about a year,(And years ago lead Kid's TKD classes and a "Little Tiger's" MA class a few years back) I feel that for 10 to at least 16 year olds, Ju Jutsu can have a place in their training but Judo and Fencing are better suited overall.Under 10 and I have no intrest in teaching them any Ju Jutsu at all)

    So I am looking for a 1st Dan or higher, USJA certified Judo Sensei, who wants to work with kids and youth in classes of his/her own and in combinationa and co operation with myself and a Fencing coach in a "Martial Art,Sport and Defence Academy"type program for 10 to 16/17 year olds. Being a BJJ Instructor as well is a plus.(As long as Judo is the main thing you teach in this.)

     Fencing (another instructor) and Judo (You?) are to be a competitive outlet, along with all their other bennifits and Ju Jutsu (Me) will be more for their self defense and traditional martial arts training aspect. Kids can take Judo and Ju Jutsu or all 3 arts (and that's the option I want to encourage the most. i.e Monday Fence, Tuesday Judo-Ju Jutsu, Wedsday Fence, Thrusday Judo, Friday Ju Jutsu-SD-Pugilism, Saturday Judo.)

    I want us to build up bodies, minds, character and skills that help build these things in the making and can preserve these things if need be. I deplore 2 year kiddie black belt ranks, MA Babysitting, Fantasy Fu.

    Now of coarse an adult Judo Club here in Woodbridge would be nice, I am offering the oppertunity to start one as well and I know myself and some of our students would be up for it as well.

    So PM me if you are an area Judoka who is interested.

    Thank you.

    Dylan Thomas
    Co-head instructor
    Armartura-Ryu Ju Jutsu
    Combined Martial Studies Group
    The Woodbridge Dojo

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