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    Judo Therapist page Empty Judo Therapist page

    Post by noboru Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:02 pm

    Interesting webpage about Judo Therapy from Zenjuren (Token Corporation and All Japan Judo Federation)
    Judo Therapist

    http://www.judo-ch.jp/english/seifukusi/seihuku/about_seihukujyutu/ wrote:Judo therapy is said to have its origins in the martial art of jujitsu. In jujitsu, there is "Sappo" in which an opponent is thrown down, and "Kappo" in which the pain inflicted on an opponent is treated. Many jujitsu masters cannot only defeat an opponent but also have mastered "Kappo," a technique to "bring life back into" an opponent who has been injured from grappling or throwing. It is said that "Kappo" evolved into today's judo therapy.
    Judo therapy involves "hands-on treatments" in which hands are placed on an injury to comprehend the severity through sight and touch, and the patient's natural healing force is enhanced to guide the patient to a cure. However, the field of judo therapy did not develop smoothly.
    In the Meiji Era, the society of samurai was dissolved, and the government promoted Western culture. A "Medical Law" was enacted, and bone setting techniques all but disappeared due to the abolishment of Oriental medicine.
    At the end of the Meiji Era, the therapy was revived through the passion of the "Judo Bone-Setting Approval Committee" formed by jujitsu masters. In 1920, the therapy was approved by the government as "Judo Therapy" and the first qualification exam was held.

    The judo therapy treatment methods, features and the methods to become a judo therapist are explained here with illustrations.
    It contains two main sections.

    Learn About Judo Therapy

    Current captions:
    Treatment Methods
    Limits to Treatments
    Repositioning a Dislocated Joint
    Fixing a Dislocation or Fracture
    Overview of Manual Therapy Methods
    Illustrations of Manual Therapy Techniques
    Effect of Manual Therapy
    Therapeutic Exercise Treatment
    Overview of Taping Treatments
    Types and Effect of Taping
    Physiotherapy (Treatments Using Low Frequency or Ultrasonic Devices, etc.)

    Learn About Judo Therapists

    Current captions:
    What is Judo Therapy?
    What is a Judo Therapist?
    Judo Therapy
    Increasing Natural Healing Powers
    Occupations Which Support Society's Needs
    National Qualification Covered by Health Insurance
    Private Practice
    Judo Therapist Workplaces

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    Judo Therapist page Empty Japan Judo Therapist Association

    Post by noboru Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:21 pm

    Judo therapy - traditional treatment

    Japan Judo Therapist Association

    International interaction (international contribution) we promote is to popularize Judo Therapy in a country where medical infrastructure and doctors are always lacking. It will decrease the number of citizens who suffer from the aftereffect of injuries, stabilize the condition of living for the citizens, benefit the healthy development of local society, and contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the other country.

    Especially in a country like Federal of Micronesia, it is difficult to treat injuries, such as fractures and dislocations, since the islands are scattered and only a few medical facilities exist. Judo therapy does not require expensive devices and can be performed anywhere. So it is a useful technique that can benefit the citizens of Micronesia. Also, the government is planning on being the counterpart so it can be popularized effectively. It is a project that has great public benefit for a long term in the future.

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