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    Nage-waza Ura-no-kata


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    Nage-waza Ura-no-kata Empty Nage-waza Ura-no-kata

    Post by Jonesy Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:24 am

    Nage-waza Ura-no-kata 投技裏の形 (Forms of Reverse Throwing Techniques)

    This kata was created by Kyuzo Mifune, 10 dan at the Kodokan after World War II. It is not a recognized Kodokan kata, and is a study of the kaeshi waza, or countering techniques of judo.

    The techniques of the Nage-waza Ura-no-kata are as follows:

    · Uki Otoshi countered by Tai Otoshi
    · Seoi Nage countered by Yoko Guruma
    · Kata Guruma countered by Sumi Gaeshi
    · Tai otoshi countered by Kotsuri Goshi
    · Obi Otoshi countered by O Guruma

    · Okuri Ashi Harai countered by Tsubame Gaeshi
    · Kouchi Gari countered by Hiza Guruma
    · Ouchi Gari countered by Ouchi Gari Gaeshi
    · Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi countered by Sumi Otoshi
    · Uchi-mata countered by Tai Otoshi

    · Hane Goshi countered by Kari Gaeshi
    · Harai Goshi countered by Ushiro Goshi
    · Hane Goshi countered by Utsuri Goshi
    · Uki Goshi countered by Yoko Wakare
    · O Goshi countered by Ippon Seoi Nage

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