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    Olympics 1964 and 1988


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    Olympics 1964 and 1988  Empty Olympics 1964 and 1988

    Post by Stevens Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:41 am

    Judo at the Olympics of 1964 was a demonstration sport, but all the champions are seen as Olympic Champion.
    The Dutch Angelique Seriese won the Olympic Gold at the demonstration women 1988, but is not seen as a real Olympic Champion, because it was a demonstrationsport??????
    It was also a men's demosport in 1964, but all the champions are seen as real Olympic Champions. Who knows why?

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    Olympics 1964 and 1988  Empty Re: Olympics 1964 and 1988

    Post by davidn Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:59 am

    I have heard that claim (that judo was a demonstration event in 1964) but according the IJF and the IOC (and the official report of the event, available at olympics.org) Judo and Volleyball were introduced as new sports and the demonstration sports were baseball and budo. That should answer your question...

    but. kind of strange that the medals don't 'count'... I mean, countries still send the best athlete (whether or not we agree how that's determined, a country's olympic committee isn't going to send someone to represent them in the olympics that they don't think is best choice), right? It makes me wonder if there's some other reason that the results don't 'count' (sport not widespread enough, not enough participating countries, etc...)

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