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    judo techniques in MMA matches


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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty judo techniques in MMA matches

    Post by noboru Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:56 pm

    Video with short sketches of using judo techniques in MMA matches


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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty Re: judo techniques in MMA matches

    Post by Anatol Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:41 am

    A lot of the throws are mislabeled ...

    We had this on another Judo Forum and user "Geschichtenerzähler" was so kind to do the work:

    0:07 This is not Harai Goshi. It looks like Tai Otoshi with an Ippon Seoi Nage grip, thus borderlining Uchi Maki Komi
    0:12 Although tori has an underhook I'd classify this by mechanism as Koshi Guruma.
    0:17 Harai Goshi probably is the the right call here.
    0:24 Ko Soto Gake, at least as it is often taught in the West.
    0:29 Ko Soto Gari, maybe Ko Soto Gake ... the video quality is bad.
    0:35 Te Guruma (a Sukui Nage variant) sounds right, it dives into Utsuri Goshi realm though.
    0:45 By Kodokan classification it's just Ude Garami, since it ends in a Kansetsu Waza. The throw, if classified independently is Hikikomi Gaeshi, not Sumi Gaeshi imho, but these throws can be very similar.
    0:56 That's O Uchi Gari
    1:01 That's O Uchi Gari, too.
    1:07 I'd call that a Kuchiki Taoshi or Morote Gari attempt followed up by Ko Uchi Gari.
    1:13 Morote Gari to Ko Soto Gake combo sounds right, albeit one could argue, that leg block (even if done with the leg instead of the hands) and body push constitute a Kushiki Taoshi.
    1:22 Debateable. Tori remains standing, it's thus not a yoko sutemi waza. Kyuzo Mifune demonstrates a variant of Soto Maki Komi looking like this in his Canon of Judo though. It's like a evolutionary link between Koshi Guruma and Soto Maki Komi. I'd classify this as a Koshi Guruma variant.
    1:26 Soto Maki Komi. Ok.
    1:30 That's Seoi Otoshi.
    1:33 This is also Seoi Otoshi.
    1:45 That's O Soto Gari
    1:49 O Soto Otoshi perhaps, there's little reaping action.
    1:56 Uchi Mata attempt
    2:00 Uchi Mata
    2:06 Koshi Guruma
    2:12 Koshi Guruma
    2:19 The video quality is bad, but if tori reaped uke's offside foot here, it's a Ko Soto Gari variant, not Tani Otoshi
    2:25 Ugly but effective Tani Otoshi. Don't do that in Judo, please.
    2:30 Tani Otoshi
    2:40 Utsuri Goshi
    2:44 Ura Nage... technically yes, but dangerously executed. It's a basic wrestling suplex.
    2:57 Kata Guruma. Wasn't sure at first, because we cannot see much of tori's leg placement here.
    3:05 We cannot see the most important part here, but's it's more likely to be Okuri Ashi Harai than Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi.
    3:11 A Tomoe Nage variant.
    3:18 Debateable. Tawara Gaeshi is a possible candidate, but so are Yoko Guruma or even Ura Nage here. The non-standard grip, the weird angle and the high, forceful entry make it difficult to classify this one.
    3:29 Daki Wakare may actually be correct. Unforutnately the bad angle as well as the bad image quality don't allow a better look. If tori uses his leg to flip uke over, this is a Sumi Gaeshi.
    3:37 Correct, Uchi Mata attempt to Kisbisu Gaeshi.
    3:44 Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame looks about right, although we cannot see the attacked arm in it's final position, It may have slippled into a more Ude Garami like grip.

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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty Re: judo techniques in MMA matches

    Post by BillC Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:04 pm

    Anatol ... you have too much time on your hands. Wink

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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty Re: judo techniques in MMA matches

    Post by Anatol Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:42 pm

    You have to give your credit to the user "Geschichtenerzähler", a very prolific brown belt and moderator on judo reddit.

    I only copy&paste it.

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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty Judo Suits For Sale

    Post by thomaschippendale Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:19 pm

    Wow, interesting technique sure I will watch thus video will try to learn that technique. Though I am taking training on Martial art and already have a DVD on Martial techniques ordered from "WKC Martial Arts Supplies"

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    judo techniques in MMA matches Empty Re: judo techniques in MMA matches

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