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    Adidas Elite Gi (J800)


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    Adidas Elite Gi (J800) Empty Adidas Elite Gi (J800)

    Post by nikeid on Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:58 am

    hi there.

    i have an opportunity to buy brand new adidas elite gi (known as J800, 800g/m2) (http://www.martialartshop.co.uk/martial-arts/judo/adidas-j800-white-judo-elite-competition-gi/) for a REALLY reasonable price (like $70) - the store is closing, so that's why the price is so low. they have 180 and 190.

    today i tried 180 and it was okay i guess ... im 182cm, 70kg .. so pretty thin figure .. the sleeves on the gi were quite alright in terms of length, the length of the jacket was alright, maybe it was a bit broad for me (there was some folding on the back when i tied my belt) but i could live with that (for the price, thats the reason im thinking about byuing it, one spare gi for good price is always good) .. my question, due to what ive heard in past, is:

    how much can i expect it to shrink? i heard that adidas gi's shrink like hell, like 10cm on the wingspan, which would be 5 on each hand, which would not be okay (maybe 3cm on each hand would be okay).

    if i take 190, the sleeves would be alright even after some expected shrinkage, but the jacket would be waay to baggy, considering that even 180 is a little bit broad (and i dont know if the broadness of the jacket is something a tailor can reduce .. how would he do that? i would visit him because of the trousers, they never fit my slim figure, but i dont think he can do something about the width of the jacket to make it more slim? or what do you think?)

    what would be your advice for that gi (which is normally pretty good qualite gi for $140) with that low price considering my doubts? would it shrink a lot if i first wash it at 30° C and then maybe come to 40° C? if so, would you think i should therefore buy 190 and try to do something with it at a tailor?

    thanks for advices!

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