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    Noob hello and London recommendations


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    Noob hello and London recommendations Empty Noob hello and London recommendations

    Post by PaulWalker Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:33 pm

    Hello All

    New and want to take up judo.  Have dabbled in the past and loved it so hopefully know my tai otoshi from my Thai restaurant and looking forward to focusing a little more.  Am old - 45+, am coming back from an accident (and a couple of illnesses) so will need to take care of the body.

    Incidentally, my level is definitely 'noob' and body condition is 'seriously unfit' (although I'm beginning to go jogging again as I recover) as haven't touched it or any sport for about 5 years following an accident and a bit of illness.

    And therein is the question:  I'm in London so does anyone recommend a nice, friendly club around NW London?  Ideally with stuff like a sprung floor and judoka who won't want to rip your head off in randori.  I'm pretty unfit, am 90 kilos (15 stone) and a nice, springy floor is always good until I remember not to fall on my head.



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