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    Post by Reinberger Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:15 am

    In a book from 1910 I recently stumbled across a word, I've never encountered before in the given connection: nori.

    All other Japanese denominations in that text seem to be applied as usual: jiu-jitsu, ate-mi, sutemi-waza, katsu. However, several times the designation "nori" is used, described as

    'the art of nori, literally "riding"'
    'Nori is the way of "tumbling" or landing the body when it is tossed or thrown.',

    instead of "ukemi".

    Has anybody ever heard "nori", referring to the action of going to the ground to execute sutemi-waza, of taking ukemi (even as a single exercise), or of slapping the tatami during falls?

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