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    Koshiki-no-kata - Antique Forms


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    Koshiki-no-kata - Antique Forms Empty Koshiki-no-kata - Antique Forms

    Post by Jonesy on Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:07 am

    Koshiki-no-kata - Antique Forms

    The Koshiki-no-kata preserves the kata of the Kito-Ryu of Jujutsu which Jigoro Kano studied before founding Kodokan Judo.

    The Koshiki-no-kata is based on the throwing techniques executed by armour-clad warriors on the battle field. The first set, Omote, comprises fourteen forms and should be executed at a rather slow and staccato pace, with the pauses between each throw well marked.

    The techniques of the Koshiki-no-kata are as follows:

    Omote (Front)
    - Tai (Ready Posture)
    - Yume no Uchi (Dreaming)
    - Ryokuhi (Strength Dodging)
    - Mizu-guruma (WaterWheel)
    - Mizu Nagare (Water Flow)
    - Hikiotoshi (Draw Drop)
    - Ko-daore (Log Fall)
    - Uchikudaki (Smashing)
    - Tani Otoshi (Valley Drop)
    - Kuruma-daoshi (Wheel Throw)
    - Shikoro-dori (Grabbing the Neckplates)
    - Shikoro-gaeshi (Twisting the Neckplates)
    - Yudachi (Shower)
    - Taki Otoshi (Waterfall Drop)

    Ura (Rear)
    - Mi Kudaki (Body Smashing)
    - Kuruma-gaeshi (Wheel Throw)
    - Mizu Iri (Water Plunge)
    - Ryusetsu (Willow Snow)
    - Sakaotoshi (Headlong Fall)
    - Yukiore (Snowbreak)
    - Iwa Nami (Wave on the Rocks)

    Please post all questions, videos etc pertaining to the Koshiki-no-kata in this area.

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