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    Creating a new Kata Part V: "Otoshi no Kata" (Forms of Dropping)


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    Creating a new Kata Part V: "Otoshi no Kata" (Forms of Dropping) Empty Creating a new Kata Part V: "Otoshi no Kata" (Forms of Dropping)

    Post by Anatol Thu May 09, 2019 9:25 pm


    "Otoshi" techniques

    have as a principle to "drop your COM (center of mass)" to throw your partner/opponent.

    Some of them are rarely taught, some of them are common but often poorly executed - therefore I try to create a Kata with those techniques. Kata (form) is a tool to teach, learn and practice techniques (waza) and principles (ri) and to blend them. I also want to have throws to all directions of unbalancing (happo no kuzushi, throwing circle) and to throw with right and left handed grip.

    Kata: Otoshi no Kata

    (right handed grip)

    Uki otoshi (floating drop), to the front


    Tai otoshi (body drop), left front quater


    Yoko otoshi (side drop)


    Sumi otoshi (corner drop) left back quater


    Tani otoshi (valley drop), to the back


    pause, adjusting Gi, change of grips to the left

    Tani otoshi, to the back

    Sumi otoshi, right back corner

    Yoko otoshi

    Tai otoshi, right front coner

    Uki otoshi, to the front

    Variation (less beautiful but maybe better for randori/contest preparation)

    Seoi otoshi (shoulder/load on your back drop), to the front


    O soto otoshi (big outside drop), left and right back quater


    Kata otoshi (shoulder drop), to the side


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