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    Japanese Certificate - Help Again.


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    Japanese Certificate - Help Again. Empty Japanese Certificate - Help Again.

    Post by judoresearcher Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:38 am

    Yesterday I was here asking for help translating a certificate from Kodokan given to my uncle, today I am back asking for help for this other, also certified in Brazil, the one belonging to Budokan of Ryuzo Ogawa, was also given to my uncle but I do not know the that is written, if anyone can help me in the translation... , are the stamps also possible to read? Thanks!

    Japanese Certificate - Help Again. 30629510

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    Japanese Certificate - Help Again. Empty Re: Japanese Certificate - Help Again.

    Post by NBK Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:11 pm

    It's not a rank certificate, it's a membership certificate in a branch of the Budokan.

    Not sure what the name is.

    Can't make out the date, there's a crease, it may be 1945?

    Stamps are hard, I can't make them out usually.

    Ogawa Ryuzo signed far left. The three vertical columns are his positions, right to left:
    • 5th dan judo, Dai Nihon Butokukai
    • Member, Greater Japan Ancient Martial Arts Preservation Society
    • Shihan, Kashima Shin'yo Ryu Jujutsu Judo

    BTW, the only mention I can find of Kashima Shin'yo Ryu in Japanese is with Ogawa sensei himself.

    So, why don't you post the history of Ogawa sensei and the Budokan in Brazil? Fire up some interest in your research.

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