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    Nihon jujutsu


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    Nihon jujutsu Empty Nihon jujutsu

    Post by noboru Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:06 pm

    Nihon Jujutsu Introduction http://nihonjujutsu.com/

    Nihon Jujutsu Ann Arbor - Kihon Kata I - Steve & Jon Spengler

    Nihon Jujutsu Part I 04-19-09

    Nihon Jujutsu Part II 04-19-09

    Nihon Jujutsu Part III 04-19-09

    Nihon Jujutsu Part IV 04-19-09

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    Nihon jujutsu Empty Re: Nihon jujutsu

    Post by NBK Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:41 pm

    Hahah.... great stuff!
    The Ann Arbor dojo is where John Gage 7 dan Nihon Jujutu teaches - he's the dark haired guy in the lower videos. Kihon Kata I usually just does right hand attacks only - the guys above do a credible job. It's all slowed down for the demos, normal pace is much quicker.

    The second video down 'Part I' is Sato Shizuya sensei, the founder of Nihon Jujutsu, explaining the basic Kihon Kata I. In Japanese often 'Nihon-den Jujutsu', sometimes Sato ryu jujujutsu.

    His instructor was Tomiki Kenji, aikido's first 8 dan, Kodokan 8 dan, and Ueshiba Morihei's senior student, instructor of aikibujutsu to the Kanto Gun (Imperial Army in Manchuria) Military Police academy (and Tojo Hideki, then Provost Marshal, Kanto Gun).

    The third video 'Part II' down is the reversals - pretty rare these days.

    John Gage 7 dan is the senior NJJ instructor at Japanese Martial Arts Center JMAC in Ann Arbor, MI. He lived in Japan for 20? years or so, moved back to the US a couple of years ago. He gives seminars in Europe regularly.

    We still teach Nihon Jujutsu at the US Embassy Judo, Tokyo - we have a couple of senior 5 dan instructors. The Japanese woman in the last video still practices regularly.

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