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    Sankaku Judo Empty Sankaku Judo

    Post by Hatem Thu Jul 27, 2023 6:47 am

    Good morning,

    The sankaku is for me one of the strongest techniques of judo on the ground and I really like to use it ... for you do you prefer to do the sankaku by taking one hand and leaving both feet of the opponent free or taking at least one foot and leaving both hands free ?

    what for you are the advantages and disadvantages of each Sankaku?

    Thank you for the answer.


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    Sankaku Judo Empty Re: Sankaku Judo

    Post by sodo Thu Aug 17, 2023 11:41 pm

    Sankaku has always played a very subordinate role in most traditional judo, because:

    1/ efficiency is prioritized, a throw is more efficient than an armlock, which is more efficient than a strangle, which is more efficient than a choke which in turn is more efficient than a hold down.

    2/When transitioning from a throw to groundwork you try and maintain control of Uke on the way down and stay in a dominant position, Sankaku is basically a counter to an escape (when I am losing control) or when Uke is threatening to dominate me, In most situations Juji Gatame is a better, more efficient option.

    Hope this helps

    all the best


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