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    Katame-no-Ura-Waza - Control Technique Reversals


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    Katame-no-Ura-Waza - Control Technique Reversals Empty Katame-no-Ura-Waza - Control Technique Reversals

    Post by Jonesy Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:42 am

    Katame-no-Ura-Waza - Control Technique Reversals

    The Katame-no-Ura-Waza (it was never actually designated a 'kata') was established by the late Kazuo Ito Kodokan 9 dan, IMAF judo 10 dan. Ito-sensei was a Director of the International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF) [Kokusai Budoin] and Meijin – see http://imaf.com/meijin.html. The Katame-no-Ura-Waza is a very polished series of counters to the Katame-no-kata that Ito-sensei formalised, adopting many individual moves from his own sensei - Kyuzo Mifune Kodokan 10 dan, and adding others that he and many others worked out. It is an enjoyable and educational exercise to perform.

    There is only one book (printed in very small numbers) that describes the entire Katame-no-Ura-Waza. In this rare but well done book, Ito-sensei was Tori, and the late Shizuya Sato (IMAF Chief Director) was Uke.

    Katame-no-Ura-Waza - Control Technique Reversals Ito%20book

    The techniques of Katame-no-Ura-Waza are as follows:

    Osaekomi Waza
    - Kesa-gatame countered by Ude-tori Kuzure Kesa-gatame
    - Kata-gatame countered by Kaeshi Hon Kesa-gatame
    - Kami Shiho-gatame countered by Gyaku-te Hadaka-jime
    - Yoko Shiho-gatame countered by Ude-hishigi Ude-gatame
    - Kuzure Kami Shiho-gatame countered by Ude-hishigi Juji-gatame

    Shime Waza
    - Kata Juji-jime countered by Ude-garami
    - Hadaka- jime countered by Gyaku Te Seoi-otoshi to Juji-gatame
    - Okuri Eri-jime countered by Ude Hishigi Teko-gatame
    - Kata Ha-jime countered by Ude Tori Ushiro Kesa-gatame
    - Gyaku Juji-jime countered by Ude-garami

    Kansetsu Waza
    - Ude-garami countered by Ude-garami
    - Ude Hishigi Juji-gatame countered by Kaeri Oki osaekomi (Kesa-gatame)
    - Ude Hishigi Ude-gatame countered by Oshi Taoshi Kesa-gatame
    - Ude Hishigi Hiza-gatame countered by Ude Hishigi Hiza-gatame
    - Ashi-garami countered by Tate Shiho-gatame

    1. The first osaekomi has two more alternative ura-waza. Ude Tori Kuzure Kesa-gatame
    may be replaced by either Ude Hishigi Juji-gatame or Hidari Kata Sumi-ho.
    2. The third osaekomi has one more alternative ura-waza. Kami Shiho-gatame may be followed up also by Kata Juji-jime instead of Gyaku-te Hadaka-jime.
    3. In the second shimewaza the ura-waza consists of two successive techniques, namely Gyaku Te Seoi-otoshi followed-up by Juji-gatame - both being performed to the left (hidari) side.
    4. The fourth shimewaza has one more alternative ura-waza as Kata Ha-jime may be followed up by either Ude-tori Makikomi Ushiro Kesa-gatame or Ude-tori Kuzure Kesa-gatame.

    Contributions provided by: Cichorei Kano, NBK and dlloyd.

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