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    Kansetsu-no-kata due to Jean-Marie Falise


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    Kansetsu-no-kata due to Jean-Marie Falise Empty Kansetsu-no-kata due to Jean-Marie Falise

    Post by Jonesy Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:55 am

    Our distinguished colleague Cichorei Kano-sensei has made available a document of a kata which is virtually unknown - i.e. the Kansetsu-no-kata, which was composed by the late Jean-Marie Falise, a Belgian pioneer of judo, and pupil of Abe Ichiro-sensei.


    The kata shows similarities to the Renkoho features in the book "The Kata of Kodokan Judo" by Kotani, Osawa and Hirose.

    A series of photographs from the Kansetsu-no-kata is provided here: url=http://home.scarlet.be/bushido.saive/images/Kansetsu/Kansetsu.html]Kansetsu-no-kata images[/url]

    and a film-clip here:

    Source: Cichorei Kano

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