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    Creating a new Kata Part X: The "Ashi waza no Kata" (Kata of Leg/Foot Techniques)


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    Creating a new Kata Part X: The "Ashi waza no Kata" (Kata of Leg/Foot Techniques) Empty Creating a new Kata Part X: The "Ashi waza no Kata" (Kata of Leg/Foot Techniques)

    Post by Anatol Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:44 pm


    Kata (form) is a prearranged set of techniques to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend/harmonize (ri ai) them by practicing.

    Leg/Feet Techniques (Ashi waza) are - beside Hand-, Hip- und Sacrifice Techniques - one part of Nage waza (Throwing techniques) and the one with the most single techniques. In the early days of Judo Ashi waza was a trademark of Kodokan Judo. Ashi waza is efficient, versatile and sublime showing "Seiryoku zenyo" (best use of Energy, minimum effort - maxumum Efficiency) in a best way. Beside Ukemi (breakfalls) Ashi waza techniques like De ashi barai, Hiza guruma and Sasae tsurikomi ashi , O soto gari and O uchi gari are often the first techniques/throws taught to beginners.

    It is important to understand the principles and possibilities of Leg/Feet techniques from early on.

    Ashi waza can be executed by many throwing principles

    - Sweeping (harai/barai): Sweeping something that has loose contact to the floor

    - Reaping (gari): Cutting something that has a strong connection with the ground

    - Hooking (gake): Uprooting something and disconnecting it from the ground

    - Wheeling (guruma)

    - Propping/Stopping (sasae)

    The Kata should also close the gap between Kata and Shiai - therefore I use the most common throws in contest. Tori also doesn't have to change the grip. Good Judo should be done to all directions using the Kuzushi (unbalancing your opponent) created by posture, gripping and moving/reaction - therefore I go with the throwing circle (happo no kuzushi, unbalancing to eight/all directions).

    This Kata can be taught starting with orange belt.


    Sasae tsurikomi ashi

    (principle propping/stopping, to the front, always from Uke's point of view)


    Ashi guruma (wheeling, right front quater)


    Okuri ashi harai (sweeping, right side)


    O soto gari (reaping, right back quater)


    Ko soto gake (hooking/uprooting, back)


    O uchi gari (reaping, left back quater)


    De ashi barai hidari (sweeping, left side)


    Hiza guruma hidari (wheeling, left front quater)


    Sasae tsurkomi ashi hidari (propping/stopping, to the front)


    Don't use Uchi mata, because Uchi mata is a beast with many fundamental variations (leg, hip, hopping, attacking the middle and so on)

    What I really like and for me is aesthetically pleasing is the symmetry of the Kata in showing the principles around the throwing circle: propping/stopping, wheeling, sweeping, reaping, hooking/uprooting, reaping, sweeping, wheeling (and closing the circle) with a beauty - like a poem

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