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    Creating a new Kata Part IV: "Kata of Sacrifice Techniques" (Sutemi waza no Kata)


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    Creating a new Kata Part IV: "Kata of Sacrifice Techniques" (Sutemi waza no Kata) Empty Creating a new Kata Part IV: "Kata of Sacrifice Techniques" (Sutemi waza no Kata)

    Post by Anatol Thu May 09, 2019 9:30 pm


    Traditionally there are four ways to teach Judo: Kata (form), Randori (free practice), Kogi (lecture) and Mondo (guided question and answer). Kata is a form to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend them by practicing.

    In sutemi waza (literally « giving away willingly your body techniques » = sacrifice techniques) you are giving away your balance to throw your partner/opponent. Some say, sacrifice techniques are showing the principle of soft/yielding/pliant/flexible (ju no ri) in a best way.
    There are two sets of sutemi waza in Nage no Kata but the purpose of this Kata is also to close the gap between Kata and Randori/Shiai (contest). Therefore I am using techniques which are the most common and successfull in contest. I want to go with the throwing circle (happo no kuzushi = unbalancing to all direction). You should be able to use the imbalance of your partner/opponent to any direction and quater of the throwing circle and not to wait for your preferred one or two quaters.

    From time to time focusing on Sutemi waza and its principles can improve your Judo.

    It’s easier to practice Tachi waza (techniques from a standing position) with a lot of students on a space limited Tatami safely than sutemi waza. Also Uchi komi and Nage komi are often practiced with Tachi waza only. Sutemi waza is often taught for single throws and its variations only. Therefore the Kata as a form is a way to practise Sutemi waza safely and more completely, to see and practice all the possibilities of sacrifice throws in an overview.

    The Kata can be taught to blue belts and higher.

    Stepping patterns for this Kata to create Kuzushi (unbalancing your partner/opponent) and the specific technique, which shows the principles of the throw in a best way have to found and be developed.

    The Kata shouldn’t be static but realistic, vivid and dynamic - as it is a preparation for Randori/Shiai.

    The Kata should close the gap between Kata and Randori/Shiai, therefore there is no change of grips from right to left or left to right. Left handers can practise this Kata left handed, right handers right handed.

    Kata of Sacrifice Techniques


    1st technique: to the front (Uke’s view)

    Tomoe nage


    2nd technique : right front quater

    Soto makikomi


    3rd technique : to the right side

    Yoko otoshi


    4th technique : to the right back quarter

    Tani otoshi


    5th technique : to the back

    Attacking Ura nage


    6th technique : left back quater

    7th technique : left side

    8th technique : left front quater

    Yoko tomoe nage


    9th technique : to the front

    Sumi gaeshi



    Unfortunately I didn’t find any contest proofed sutemi waza to the right back side of Uke or to the right side without changing grips. Maybe there are also better throws to show the principles (and to a specific side or quater of the throwing circle) and maybe I missed a sutemi waza which is common and successfull in modern contest Judo.

    Work in Progress ...

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