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    Spring Break!


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    Spring Break! Empty Spring Break!

    Post by kiti Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:53 am

    Well, I am 1/8th through with my nursing program, and I currently have the highest grade in my class. We have our next exam at 8am the day we come back from Spring Break (the 18th), so I'm not planning on doing any vacation stuff.

    I have been having the hardest time submitting to the requirements of the school, though. I have not missed a single class (I have been tardy twice so far, and one of those was because I had to make an appointment with my advisor during class time because that was the only time we both had available).

    I did get my second flu shot, against medical advice, so I will be able to pass my paperwork check to enroll in second semester (and I heard, second-hand, that nursing students at the UofA are not required to get any flu shot, so maybe we have to get an extra one to make up for them not getting any?).

    I thought I would be able to request to make up an absence that I was planning to have, on the afternoon of the 19th, by attending another section of the same class on the 18th. I made an email request over a week in advance, and what do I get? It is not allowed to miss class except for illness or emergency, not for planned purposes. Yup, that's right, from what I understand we are not allowed a single absence or we will not pass the semester! The syllabus just says if a student is not able to attend an assigned class, the instructor is to be notified in advance, and that if a skills lab is missed, it must be made up by attending another skills lab section in the same week. I still haven't decided exactly what I will do, but I pretty much told that teacher off in my email reply. Probably not the best thing to do, but I have been having a lousy couple of days, and I didn't sleep last night because of nightmares. Anyway, I will be getting off the forum now (it was nice to take a break on here) and get to studying, I have to keep my place at the top of my class on the next exam!

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