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    Nage-no-kata Empty Nage-no-kata

    Post by Jonesy Sun May 05, 2013 9:47 pm

    Nage-no-kata 投の形 (Forms of Throwing)

    The Nage-no-kata was established to help understanding of the theoretical basis of judo and learn the processes involved in Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake - in other words, how to assume the correct position for applying a throwing technique once the opponents balance has been broken, and how to apply and complete a technique. The kata consists of fifteen representative throwing techniques, three from each of the following five categories: Te Waza, Koshi Waza, Ashi Waza, Ma Sutemi Waza and Yoko Sutemi Waza.

    The techniques of the Nage-no-kata are as follows, with each technique being executed from both sides.

    Te Waza (Hand Techniques)
    · Uki Otoshi (Floating Drop)
    · Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw)
    · Kata-guruma (Shoulder Wheel)

    Koshi Waza (Hip Techniques)
    · Uki-goshi (Floating Hip Throw)
    · Harai-goshi (Sweeping Hip Throw)
    · Tsurikomi-goshi (Lift-Pull Hip Throw)

    Ashi Waza (Leg Techniques)
    · Okuri Ashi Harai (Sliding Foot Sweep)
    · Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi (Propping and Drawing Ankle Throw)
    · Uchi Mata (Inner Thigh Throw)

    Ma Sutemi Waza (Supine Sacrifice Techniques)
    · Tomoe Nage (Circular Throw)
    · Ura Nage (Back Throw)
    · Sumi-gaeshi (Corner Throw)

    Yoko Sutemi Waza (Side Sacrifice Techniques)
    · Yoko Gake (Side Hook)
    · Yoko-guruma (Side Wheel)
    · Uki Waza (Floating Throw)

    Please post all questions, videos etc pertaining to the Nage-no-kata in this area.

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