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    The Judo Chronicles: Clinch-Fighting Against The Cage

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    The Judo Chronicles: Clinch-Fighting Against The Cage   - Page 2 Empty Re: The Judo Chronicles: Clinch-Fighting Against The Cage

    Post by Q mystic Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:23 am

    PointyShinyBurning wrote:Once again Q, your posts defeat my understanding. Ronda shouldn't learn to defend knees because she shouldn't be at range to be hit by them? No one plans to be at range to get hit by a knee...

    Nastula should have fought the much more MMA experienced Barnett on the feet, because Judo automatically makes you amazing at amateur boxing?

    No, I think I meant generally that if both had done some boxing, plenty ammy boxing ONLY, they might not have even needed to use their clinch game. I mean, that instead of teaching an elite judo fighter how to avoid the knee in the clinch, they should have used all that more time to develop their boxing and not even introduced the concept of knee to the face until after. Ammy boxing too, not mma or pro.

    All-in-all just generally saying that if my son, hypothetically, wanted to do mma, he'd be doing a lot of oly judo and oly boxing long before I would enter him into mma. He would be learning the fundamentals and concepts of judo and boxing long before mma and I believe that would give him a huge head start on a fella that entered mma at a similar time.

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