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    Kime waza of the Marunouchi police dojo in Tokyo


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    Kime waza of the Marunouchi police dojo in Tokyo Empty Kime waza of the Marunouchi police dojo in Tokyo

    Post by finarashi Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:18 am

    The book "Self defense by Judo (Kimewaza)", by Harvey, (Mike) Maurice George (1923 - 2007), London, United Kingdom, Nicholas Kaye, 1968[3], 149p, HB, SBN 718206789 presents Judo based self defence.

    "This book is based on the kime-no-kata of the Kodokan and the specialized kime waza of the Marunouchi police dojo in Tokyo."

    Aim 11
    Preparatory Note 13
    Brief Historical Background to Kime Waza. 13
    Self-Defence in England 15
    The Subject in Perspective 16
    Explanation of Karate and Aikido 18
    General Points 20
    Speed and Surprise 20
    Anticipation of the Antagonist's Action (Kakeno-Sen) 21
    Flexibility of Thought and Action 22
    Posture (Shisei) 22
    Kuzushi 24
    Defensive Use of the Hands 24
    Uke and Tori 24
    Lesson 1
    Knuckle Rap 25
    Inward Twist 26
    Breaking a One-Hand Grip 26
    Hand Trapped on the Chest Lock 26
    Pinned Hand Lock 29
    Bent Wrist Lock 30
    Wrist Trap 31
    Wrist Twisting 32
    Lesson 2
    Outside Wrist Lock 35
    Inside Wrist Lock 37
    Inside Wrist Lock and Throw 38
    Wrist Lock Hold-Down from the Inside Lock 40
    Throw and Hold-Down from the Outside Lock 40
    Outside Wrist Lock from Grip on the Wrist 42
    Lesson 3
    Folded Wrist Lock 44
    Alternative Folded Wrist Lock 46
    Fist Twisting 47
    Finger Hold 48
    Wrist Twist and Throw 49
    Lesson 4
    Knee Blow 51
    Kick 52
    Downward Blow 53
    ArmDrop 57
    Lesson 5
    Upper Arm Grip 60
    Stomach Throw (Tomoenage) 61
    Shoulder Hold (Kata Gatame) 63
    Counter to the Hip Throw (Ushiro Goshi) 65
    Neck Hold 66
    Back Drop 68
    Lesson 6
    Straight Arm Lock Disarm 70
    Arms Encircled Arm Lock Escape 72
    Leg Lock 73
    Elbow Throw 74
    Elbow Lock and Throw 75
    Neck and Arm Lock 77
    Elbow Lock (1) 79
    Lesson 7
    Breaking the Two-Handed Throat Grip 81
    Wrist Lock Counter to the Throat Hold 84
    Outer Winding Throw (Soto Makikomi) 86
    One-Hand Grip Defence 86
    Lesson 8
    Second Form of Arm Lock (Hara Gatame) 91
    Third Form of Arm Lock (Hara Gatame) 93
    Arm Lock from the Under Position 93
    Arm Lock from the Above Position 94
    Arm Lock and Blow 96
    Lesson 9
    Folded Arm Lock 97
    Second Method of Folded Arm Lock 99
    Entangled Arm Lock (Ude Garami) 101
    Second Method of Entangled Arm Lock (Ude Garami) 102
    Cross Arm Lock (Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame) 103
    Straight Arm Lock 104
    Elbow Lock (2) 106
    Lesson 10
    Breaking a Rear Waist Hold (I) 108
    Alternative Method of Breaking a Rear Waist Hold 109
    Defence with Arm Lock II 0
    Breaking a Rear Neck Hold 112
    Breaking an Over-Arm Grip 112
    Breaking the Pull Back Hold 117
    Lesson 11
    Breaking the Rear Waist Hold (2)
    Breaking the Naked Strangle Hold
    Neck and Arm Hold-Down
    Dropping Throw Escape
    Breaking a Rear Throat Grip
    Escaping the Nelson Hold
    Lesson 12
    Double Blow Disarm
    Wrist Lock Disarm
    Disarm from Rear Hold-Up
    Knife Disarm (l)
    Alternative Defence for Rear Hold-Up
    Knife Disarm (2)
    Alternative Knife Disarms
    Shoulder Hold Disarm
    Trapped Arm Defence
    Upward Knife Blow
    Vital Points (Kyusho)
    Ude Ate
    Ashi Ate

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