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    Shobu no kata 2016

    johan smits

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    Shobu no kata 2016 Empty Shobu no kata 2016

    Post by johan smits Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:02 am

    After a well deserved rest of about three years it might not be unwise to take up this subject again.
    Admittedly I do not have to do a great deal. My main task it to ask NBK if (or bribe him - threatening would not be wise, he is bigger and well trained in several systems founded to do nasty things to other human beings) to take up here where we left three years ago.
    If my memory serves me well the translation of this most interesting kata is about halfway done. The next sections consist of throws and atemi I think.

    For convenience sake here is what is translated already.

    Uchida-shi shobu no kata

    Measures regarding life or death (situations)

    Concerning life or death (situations), every technique will vary according to exigencies, however, armed with the supposition that your opponent will, without entering, strike, kick, or thrust, and accordingly one will decide to throw, or crush, or strike and kill;to achieve the excellence of practical application movements should be part of the practice (修練)of adherents.

    Crushing section
    (NOTE: 挫き kujiki is not a precise term, but includes techniques in which Westerners might include joint locks, arm bars, twists, etc.)


    When (your) opponent comes striking at your face with an open hand (i.e., a slap), lifting my right hand to receive and stop it, grasp and crush (his) fingers.

    It is also desirable in this case to grasp the opponent's wrist with my right hand, then with my left arm strike the opponent's upper arm, then crush with ude-kujiki (armlock).

    When your opponent strikes your face directly, receive and stop his right hand with your right hand and strike his incoming, striking right arm.

    It would also be OK in this case to grasp his striking wrist with both hands, twist his wrist and crush it.

    - again, no taisabaki noted but this seems similar to any number of gendai and koryu jujutsu moves, stepping forward with the left foot / turning to the right to face uke from his right, outside his elbow
    - similar strikes generally are made to just above the elbow as the grasping hand extends the arm, so that the strike is above the elbow, uke's arm extended as much as possible, so the elbow is torqued between the hands and hyperextended

    When your opponent strikes at the side of your face, receive and stop with your left hand, immediately grasp with your right hand, and pass under your opponent's right armpit, turning your hands to crush his wrist.

    In this case, also, stopping his strike with your left hand, force back his incoming, striking (right) hand, insert your right hand beneath his (right) arm, press down his wrist while grasping and torquing his arm with your left hand.


    - The former is actually more of a forearm torquing motion that can lead to a break or a throw. You're using your entire body against the arm, lifting uke's right arm to step underneath and beyond. Twisting to the outside puts incredible torque on uke's forearm.
    - The latter is an armbar, with your right hand passing under and grasping his arm.


    When struck straight towards the face, I sweep with my left hand (upward?); catch up with the (upswept) arm by inserting my right hand under uke's right upper arm, grasp his right wrist, and 'crush his arm'.

    Or, can perform 'arm crush' as in #2.


    When a thrust comes towards the stomach, sweep with my left hand, grasp the wrist with my right hand and 'crush the wrist'.


    When a kick comes aimed at the 'nether regions' (that's the translation! or 'between the legs', if you prefer....)、grasp the edge of the heel with your left hand, grasp the toes with your right hand, and twist and lift to 'crush the ankle'.

    Happy landings,


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