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    Shobu no kata 2020

    johan smits

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    Shobu no kata 2020 Empty Shobu no kata 2020

    Post by johan smits Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:02 pm

    Happy newyear and all my best wishes for those frequenting this forum.
    The year of the rat is where we are at. (Or at least I think so).

    Is anything going on? Shobu no kata wize? Or maybe any other interesting developments?

    Meanwhile study

    Happy landings.

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    Shobu no kata 2020 Empty Re: Shobu no kata 2020

    Post by NBK2 Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:14 pm

    ah..... Year of the CoronaVirus Rat.....

    Nothing much going on with that - as I am swamped with research.


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