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    Passing of Dieter Born


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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by wdax Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:49 pm

    With sadness I confirm the passing of Dieter Born, who was a member here and also a contributor to the old forum.

    Dieter was very active and important for judo in Germany, by translating and publishing superb books - for example the full version of Daigo- sensei´s work about nage-waza - and by organizing high-level kata-training for german practitioners in japan.

    I wrote some lines in german, which are published on the homepage of the german judo-federation:
    Cichorei Kano
    Cichorei Kano

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by Cichorei Kano Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:38 pm

    I am deeply shocked to hear about the premature passing of Dieter.

    Although we have never met in person, I corresponded with him several times and some of you did on this forum too. Dieter was one of those few Westerners with a profound knowledge of the historic, philosophical and theoretical writings of jûdô. He was fluent in Japanese and knew what he was talking about. Knowing how much time and effort one needs to invest to achieve that level, I respected him and appreciated his interventions on this forum and the German judo forum. As Wolfgang said, he worked tirelessly to publish jûdô books and texts in German, and he did so with great expertise. It is very hard to believe he is no longer there.

    I offer my condolences to wdax who was a close friend of Dieter, and to Dieter's family and other friends. This is yet another painful reminder of the short time we have here, and I wish it would be different.

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by finarashi Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:39 am

    I saw 2012 Dieter perform Kime-no-kata with his partner Roman Jäger. I was deeply impressed with him and discussed later with a kata judge friend of mine about scoring. "Unfortunately you can not give extra points for somebody that shows deep understanding, you only take points for minor faults.." was his comment of their performance.
    Good Judoka and will be missed.

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by Jonesy Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:21 am

    Very sad to hear of the passing of this fine fine judoman.

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by judophotos Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:20 am

    I am completely shocked to find out that Dieter Born has passed away and at the young age of 52.

    I did not know him well but had met him on a few occasions when in Bonn or at a German competition to discuss book projects.

    He was truly committed to spreading Japanese culture in Germany along with judo. He even translated Jigoro Kano's "Kodakan Judo" republishing it in hardback and regularly produced high quality judo magazines and books with his friend and 7th dan, Ulrich Klocke, the last book to my knowledge being "Judo meistern" in 2012. A really good book that is part of a comprehensive series and endorsed by the Deutschen Judo-Bundes (DJB).

    His quality website is here:

    And Judo Pages here.

    A truly sad loss for his family and friends. Please accept my sympathy and sincere condolences.
    David Finch

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty A not very good Google Translate translation of obituary for Dieter Born that appears in the July German Judo Magazin.

    Post by judophotos Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:18 am

    A not very good Google Translate translation of obituary for Dieter Born:

    "Mourning Dieter Born
    Surprisingly deceased: the judoka and Japanese studies
    Publisher Dieter Born On 3 June 2013 is out of the blue judoka,
    Japanese studies and publisher Dieter Born in Bonn in
    Age of 52 years died. Born about himself
    Decades for the development and promotion of Judo
    involved, which for him is not just a sport, but at the same time
    Culture and philosophy was. As a young student he moved
    him for several years in Japan, where he attended Waseda
    Japanese Studies in the University and local Judo
    Club trained at the dojo of the police and the Kodokan. To
    His teachers at that time included masters such as Kotani, Osawa
    and Abe (all 10th Dan). In later years he learned
    especially when Daigo (10th Dan) and Yamamoto (9th Dan).
    Peak of the career as a competitor was the participation
    at the final round of the championship Alljapanische
    the university teams.

    Back in Germany, was a native of Düsseldorf
    in Bonn and founded a publishing company, in the
    Budo-books and the "Japan Magazine" published.
    By - as chairman of the German-Japanese
    Society in Bonn - Japan tirelessly topics in the
    Was public, he made a great contribution to the
    intercultural exchange and promoted through cooperation
    with the University of Bonn scientific

    The German Judo practitioner he performed great services
    by the German-language publication of standard works
    as "Kodokan Judo" and "throwing techniques
    of Kodokan Judo "by Toshiro Daigo. In addition, set
    He is an interpreter available if Japanese
    Judo teacher training in Germany prevented. Borns
    Lectures on historical and philosophical backgrounds
    at events were repeatedly highlights
    just as he organized the training rides
    for Kataexperten and other interested parties to Japan.
    Dieter Born was also active themselves, body and soul. So
    He took another mid-May at the Kata Championships in Malta in
    Kime and the Koshiki-no-kata part. WDR"
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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

    Post by OldeEnglishD Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:26 am

    My condolences to his family and friends. RIP.

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    Passing of Dieter Born Empty Re: Passing of Dieter Born

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