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    Kyushin kata


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    Kyushin kata Empty Kyushin kata

    Post by Jonesy Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:41 am

    Kyushin kata

    The Kyushin kata was formulated by Alfred Bates, Kancho of the Tokushima Budo Council International (TBCI) to enable TBCI teachers to understand, in the simplest way, the meaning of Kyushindo, its principles and philosophy. A further ambition for the kata was to enable TBCI teachers be able to convey to students of any grade the correct path of Kenshiro Abe-sensei's teachings as Bates-kancho believed he would have wanted it to be taught. Not since the early days of the late Abe-sensei had any new kata been introduced into the Kyushindo teaching system - that is not until October 1989 when, at London Borough of Wandsworth, Bates-kancho first publicly demonstrated his new Kyushin kata,

    It was about one year before the passing of Matsutaro Otani-sensei 8th Dan that Bates-kancho first discussed a new teaching kata with him, and it was with Otani-sensei's most valuable advice and guidance that Bates-kancho began to work on his kata, which took him four years to perfect. To honour the memory of a very great master and friend Bates-kancho dedicated this kata to Otani-sensei.

    The Kyushin kata can be likened to two streams flowing side by side, and then merging into one and which continue to flow together in harmony, no one stream stronger than the other, but equal. The two streams merging give us the strength of non-resistance, and the depth of knowledge. Throughout the kata, no hold is taken, only a guiding hand that will lead a mass to its destruction.

    The eighteen techniques of the Kyushin kata are as follows:-

    · Uki Otoshi (Floating Drop)
    · Seoi-Nage (Shoulder Throw)
    · Tai-Otoshi (Body Drop)
    · O-Goshi (Hip Throw)
    · Hari-Goshi Sweeping Hip Throw)
    · O-Uchi-Gari (Major Inner Reap)
    · Migi Ko-Uchi-Gari (Right Minor Inner Reap)
    · Hidari Ko-Uchi-Gari (Left Minor Inner Reap)
    · O-Soto-Gake (Major Outer Hook)
    · Ko-Soto-Gake (Minor Outer Hook)
    · Osoto-Gari (Major Outer Reap)
    · Tani Otoshi (Valley Drop)
    · Ushiro Yoko Guruma (Reverse Side Wheel)
    · Obi Otoshi (Belt Drop)
    · Kata Guruma (Shoulder Wheel)
    · Tomoe-Nage (Circle Throw)
    · De-Ashi-Barai (Forward Foot Sweep)
    · Seoi-Otoshi (Shoulder Drop)

    Ref: Tokushima Budo Council International Judo Syllabus.

    In the Kyushin kata, Tori and Uke start on the opposite of the Kamiza (Tori on the left [Joseki to the Right of Tori], Uke on the right), both Tori and Uke walk forward till they are approx 4 steps apart, Tori moves forward leading with the right foot.

    After each throw as Uke is getting up, Tori takes very small steps backwards until Uke has risen on to his knee, facing each other Tori and Uke at the same time uses their right hands to move their right knee to a 45 degree angle, the left hand comes up to rest on the obi, hand made into a fist, both Tori and Uke stay in this position for a count of 5, after the count the right knee and left hand are replaced in to normal position then at the same time both stand, Uke then advances to reduce the gap, a space of about 4 paces should be left, this action is done after every technique.

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