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    Competition Warm up Techniques needed?


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    Competition Warm up Techniques needed? Empty Competition Warm up Techniques needed?

    Post by hobit Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:29 am

    Might be better in the beginners, But hey ho.
    I'm a 38yr old soft cyclist and 5th Kyu at Judo (U73)
    I was in my 4th Competition today (4 Masters fights (U73 to 103kg) followed by 4 Seniors all u73)

    I noticed today I was struggling with warm up. In cycling I have a clear plan that works get the muscles going read the course and go.

    In judo other than getting the muscles fired up and all loose and I don't know how to calm the nerves and get into the frame of mind needed.
    Today it took 3 fights (all lost) before I felt on top of myself to deal with the opposition.
    I went on to lose the rest but that's okay I have some clear issues to work on with my coach.

    What I noticed is that more I fought the better I got. So by fight 7 and 8 I was much more relaxed and better able to defend and get some attacks in.

    How what techniques so you guys employ during Warm up.



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    Competition Warm up Techniques needed? Empty Re: Competition Warm up Techniques needed?

    Post by tafftaz Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:25 am

    Uchi mata, harai goshi, seoinage, osoto gari
    Why these particular ones? Well I am a tomoenage specialist and everyone warming up seems to do reps or light randori using the waza mentioned.
    Plus the uchimata and seoi nage are excellent for building up a good sweat before shiai.
    Whatever you do for your warm up, I always found that I would hit my second wind on my first bout if I warmed up doing full on randori with my training partner.
    Have warmed up llike this for most of my shiai career..Did this on the warm up mat at Commonwealth tournament years ago and a couple of New Zealanders and Aussies thought me and my mate were crazy. Not saying this is for everyone but it worked for me though.
    Ben Reinhardt
    Ben Reinhardt

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    Competition Warm up Techniques needed? Empty Re: Competition Warm up Techniques needed?

    Post by Ben Reinhardt Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:33 am

    First off, I'd say you are on the right track...keep competing, and the nerves get a bit better with experience.

    I don't think any particular technique is necessary, you will need to find what works best for you. To join the mental/emotional with the physical, you might consider warming up with movements and techniques you are good at. That might help inspire confidence, and thus calm your nervousness (which is normal) a bit. Being nervous is Ok, as long as it's not debilitating.

    Having no idea how you usually train, I'd suggest you do something similar to what you do to warm up in judo class. If that includes a lot of static stretching, or horrendously difficult calisthenics, those don't apply. You should stop that anyway.

    A good pattern to follow
    1.) General warmup (jogging, light calistenincs, etc.)
    2.) Sports specific warm up (throws, groundwork, transition, gripping, moving).
    3.) Stay warm but not hot. Increase you mental and physical state of arousal as your match time approaches. Sometimes that is not easy to do depending on the type of match system used.
    4.) Investigate mental/sports psychology training methods/training and apply them to help reach that optimal state of arousal.

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    Competition Warm up Techniques needed? Empty Re: Competition Warm up Techniques needed?

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