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    Creating a new Kata Part VIII: The "Kuruma no Kata" (Forms of Wheel Throws)


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    Creating a new Kata Part VIII: The "Kuruma no Kata" (Forms of Wheel Throws) Empty Creating a new Kata Part VIII: The "Kuruma no Kata" (Forms of Wheel Throws)

    Post by Anatol Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:41 am


    Traditionally there are four ways to teach Judo: Kata (form), Randori (free practice), Kogi (lecture) and Mondo (guided question and answer). Kata is a form to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend them by practicing.This Kata can be taught to intermediates (starting with green belt). I use the throws, they know. Kata should be taught early on and not late as Ikkyu and black belt and for dan requirements only.The Kata shouldn’t be static  but  realistic, vivid and dynamic.

    "Kuruma" (Wheel, wheeling) throws have as a principle in common, to wheel the partner/opponent around a center, which can be the leg, hip, knee or even the empty center. Executed with good technique, they are some of the most beautiful and spectacular throws in Judo and some of them are also common in contest Judo and highly successfull like Ashi guruma and Koshi guruma. I like to teach Judo by principle and doing a set of "kuruma throws" gives you and your students a tool to study wheeling throws in an overview and in detail.

    I go with two foot techniques (ashi waza), one hand technique (te waza), one hip technique (koshi waza)  and one sacrifice technique (sutemi waza). There are more kuruma throws like O guruma, O soto guruma, Te guruma or even Tama guruma, but a Kata doesn't have to contain them all because it's about demonstrating and practising the principle (ri).
    All techniques are executed to both sides.

    If - for some reasons - you don't like or wouldn't prefer "Kata" for this set of techniques, you can call them "exercises" or what ever you like.

    Kuruma no Kata (Forms of wheel throws)


    Ashi waza

    Hiza guruma (knee wheel)


    Ashi guruma (leg wheel) (maybe with a spinning entry)


    Te waza

    Kata guruma (shoulder wheel)


    Koshi waza

    Koshi guruma (hip wheel)


    Sutemi waza

    Yoko guruma (side wheel) (Uke attacking with Uchi mata)



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