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    Creating a new Kata Part XII: The "Kata of Hand Techniques" (Te waza no Kata)


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    Creating a new Kata Part XII: The "Kata of Hand Techniques" (Te waza no Kata) Empty Creating a new Kata Part XII: The "Kata of Hand Techniques" (Te waza no Kata)

    Post by Anatol Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:47 pm


    Kata (form) is a prearranged set of techniques to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend/harmonize (ri ai) them by practicing.

    Hand techniques (Te waza) have in common to use one or both hands as the main action of the throw.

    There is a wide range of throwing principles using Hand techniques like "Seoi" (loading on your back), "Otoshi" (dropping your Center of Mass), "Kuruma" (wheeling), "Gari" (reaping), "Sukui" (scooping) or even "Taoshi" (tipping over). For this Kata I am going with the Throwing Circle (happo no kuzushi, unbalancing your partner/opponent to eight/all directions). Good Judo is done to all directions of unbalancing. The Kata can be taught from green belt on (there are some difficult throws to practice). Nethertheless main throws of the Kata can also be taught to yellow and orange belts. In general you never are obligated to practice a Kata as a whole, you always can focus on single parts/throws/sets of the Kata.


    First Set (right handed grip)

    Kata guruma (to the front of Uke)

    Seoi nage (right front quater)

    Tai otoshi (right front quater)

    Sumi otoshi (right back quater)

    Kuchiki taoshi (back)

    Second set (left handed grip)

    Morote gari (back)

    Sumi otoshi (left back quater)

    Sukui nage - Te guruma (left front quater)

    Ippon Seoi nage (left front quater)

    Uki otoshi (to the front)

    Videos for specific Hand Techniques


    Didn't go with Uchi mata sukashi (already have on counter) and Yama arashi (too rare) but had to double right and left front quater because those throws are important. Could have also used Seoi otoshi and for a more contest focused version of "Te waza no Kata" you can replace Te guruma with Seoi otoshi or change Tai otoshi to the left and doing Seoi otoshi to the right. The Kata is more about showing the principles and possibilities of Hand techniques.

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