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    Creating a new Kata Part III: The "Leg Grab Kata"


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    Creating a new Kata Part III: The "Leg Grab Kata" Empty Creating a new Kata Part III: The "Leg Grab Kata"

    Post by Anatol Thu May 09, 2019 9:33 pm


    In 2012 the International Judo Federation decided to ban leg grab techniques completely from IJF contests. As a consequence of that ban, in Dojos worldwide leg grab techniques are taught and practiced less and knowledge is getting lost.

    Leg grab techniques are an integral and important part of Judo as Martial Art and for Self Defence.

    Instructors and students can use the Leg Grab Kata as a tool to teach, learn and practice leg grab techniques. For an example this Kata can be practiced at the end of a class for students interested in the complete Martial Art of Judo.

    I like to go with the throwing circle to teach also Happo no Kuzushi (unbalancing to all directions) and to practice throws right and left handed. There are more leg grab techniques but I decided to go with those because they are the most common and they are also spectacular techniques we lost in contest. Some of them are seen in contest today. They had to be modified because of the new rules in an artistical way but good Judo should be simple and efficient following the most natural way and patterns of the mechanics of the body.

    The Kata is not elaborated yet. Etiquette, stepping patterns (for Kuzushi) and so on have to be developed and also the examplary throw and execution for each single technique has to be found, to show the throwing principle in a best way.

    Leg Grab Kata - Techniques:

    (right handed grip)

    Kata guruma (shoulder wheel), to the front


    Te guruma (hand wheel), left front quater


    Ko uchi makikomi (small inner wrapping), left back quater


    Morote gari (two hands reap, double leg take down), to the back


    pause, adjusting Gi,

    change to left handed grips

    Kuchiki taoshi (rotten tree falling, single leg take down), to the back


    Ko uchi makikomi, right back quater

    Te guruma, right front quater

    Kata guruma, to the front


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