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    Creating a new Kata Part IX: The "Defence and Counter Throw Kata"


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    Creating a new Kata Part IX: The "Defence and Counter Throw Kata" Empty Creating a new Kata Part IX: The "Defence and Counter Throw Kata"

    Post by Anatol Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:53 pm


    Kata (form) is a prearranged set of techniques to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend/harmonize (ri ai) them by practicing.

    Learning how to defend and to counter is a very important part of Randori/Shiai and elegant, smart and smooth,

    showing the principles of "Ju no Ri"  (principle of the soft/flexible/yielding",

    Awareness (Heijo Shin) and

    "Seiryoku zenyo" (best use of Energy, minimum effort - maximum efficiency) in a best way.

    Principles of Defence and Counters

    - posture

    - (breaking grips)

    - blocking

    - evading

    - redirecting

    As attacking throwing attempts I take the most common throws in randori/competition (also to close the gap between Kata and Shai and Morote gari for Randori)

    and I am starting in each set with "blocking", followed by "evading" and then "redirecting", because that is also a progress from "easy" to "medium" to "difficult".

    Techniques of the "Defence and Counter Kata"

    9 techniques, 3 Hand, 3 Hip, 3 Feet techniques

    Counters to Hand Techniques

    Morote gari countered by sprawling and Sumi gaeshi


    Tai otoshi c. by Ko soto gake

    Seoi Nage to Yoko wakare

    Counters to Hip Techniques

    O goshi c. by  Utsuri goshi

    Uchi mata c. by Uchi mata sukashi

    Koshi guruma to Yoko guruma

    Counters to Leg/feet techniques

    O soto gari c. by O soto gari (gaeshi)

    O uchi gari c. by Tai otoshi

    Ko soto gari to Uchi mata

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