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    Creating a new Kata Part ZERO: The "Kata of Judo Basics"


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    Creating a new Kata Part ZERO: The "Kata of Judo Basics" Empty Creating a new Kata Part ZERO: The "Kata of Judo Basics"

    Post by Anatol Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:49 pm


    This Kata is about to teach, learn and practice the basics and fundamentals of Judo to beginners.

    As always you don't have to teach all parts of a Kata - you just can teach and practice sets of techniques but the Kata as a whole can help overview or repeat the fundamentals and basics of Judo. Therefore also intermediate and advanced students can benefit from practicing this Kata.
    The fundamentals and basics are the roots, from where your Judo grows, gets nourished and flourishs.


    Set One - Solo (parallel and synchron for higher grades, not mandatory for beginners)

    Bowing (Rei, showing respect):

    - standing Bow
    - sitting Bow

    (two sidesteps to the right for each partner to practice the following techniques)

    Breakfalls (Ukemi, how to fall safely)

    - to the right side
    - to the left side
    - to the back
    - to the front
    - Judo roll


    - natural upright basic posture (Shizen hon tai - head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over legs)
    - right stance
    - left stance
    - defensive posture (Jigo tai)
    - right stance
    - left stance


    - through your nose slow and deep into the belly (not high and fast with your shoulders), 3 times

    Walking and Moving (centered and balanced)

    suri ashi (sliding steps, a walking method)

    ayumi ashi (“normal” walking pattern, where both feet pass each other)
    tsugi ashi (moving by bringing one foot almost up to the other)

    tai sabaki (body control)

    mae sabaki (stepping forward and making 90° body turn)
    ushiro sabaki (stepping diagonally backward and making a 90° body turn)
    mae mawari sabaki (stepping diagonally forward and making a 180° body turn)

    Set Two - with Partner


    Same sided Lapel/Sleeve Grip (ai yotsu) right handed
    Same sided Grip left handed
    Opposite Grip (kenka yotsu) right handed
    Opposite Grip left handed

    Unbalancing the Partner to all directions (happo no kuzushi), both partners as Tori and Uke

    - right front quater
    - right back quater
    - left back quater
    - left front quater

    Entries to throws (both partners as Tori and Uke)

    Mae-mawari-komi (forward spin entry, step-in entry, "Kodokan entry")
    Hikidashi ( backward spin entry, pull-out entry)
    Mawari-komi (spin entry)

    Ju no Ri (using the force of your partner, evading the force of your partner)

    - being pushed - pull
    - being pulled - push

    - being pushed - turn
    - being pulled - go to an angle

    Bowing (saying thanks for practice)

    - sitting bow
    - standing bow

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