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    Tips for a judoka entering his first BJJ tournament?


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    Tips for a judoka entering his first BJJ tournament? - Page 2 Empty Re: Tips for a judoka entering his first BJJ tournament?

    Post by Gus Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:06 am

    I dont think going for a takedown designed to make you land in an advantageous position on the ground makes you a bully at all - its a totally valid tactic in BJJ and many places even drill for these transitions.
    Besides a takedown is only 2 points - not a big score in BJJ.

    1. If you get a takedown - stay in side control, standing in the guard, north south, back or whatever keep them there for a few seconds to demonstrate control before moving on - you will get extra points.

    2. I would avoid "big throws" that expose your back if they go wrong - if you give up your back you are toast, ashi waza is good but watch out for the leg grabs !

    3. Do not turtle. Turtling in BJJ comp is like hopping round on one leg in a Judo comp. It is suicide.

    4. Someone said take your time - I disagree - the advantage of Judo Newaza is it's speed - they will not expect such fast movements so use speed to your advantage.

    5. Learn to defend leg grabs - be ready to sprawl

    6. If you bow they will know you're a Judoka and jump guard pretty much straight away.

    7. If you get taken down do not turn out to land on your front !

    8. Play on top - you will not likely be used to playing from the back - you can train that in a club to improve that side of your game - but for a comp there's no shame in sticking to your strenghts - everyone else will. Unlike Judo you can stand up in newaza and mate is not called.

    9. Osekomi doesnt mean much other than a place on the way to a sub .

    Enjoy - BJJ is great fun ! Its gone way beyond BJJ vs Judo now - they are closely related arts that compliment each other which is why I train both. If you like Newaza I would say that training a bit of BJJ would be a great experience for you - I wouldn't write it off !

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